Independent Report Declares the Top Crypto News Site

Independent Report Ranks the Top Crypto News Site

A new research report from BTC Peers has ranked 145 crypto news websites for quality. It analyzes scores of benchmarks including average visit duration, bounce rate, and number of backlinks. The report features the usual suspects in its top 10, including Coindesk at number three and Cointelegraph at two. Top of the list, however, is

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The Best 145 Crypto News Websites of 2019

The cryptosphere is filled with news sites that cover multiple cryptocurrencies, ecosystems, and angles. From the unquestioningly fawning to the unrelentingly skeptical, there’s a crypto news outlet to suit all dispositions. ‘Best’ is a highly subjective term, therefore, whose declaration largely depends on the needs of the reader. Nevertheless, when BTC Peers published its methodical analysis of the top 145 crypto sites and placed top, our publication was duty bound to report on the matter.

“ won first place with 978 points,” notes the report, adding: “It was interesting to compare it with Cointelegraph. On the one hand, CT has a higher Alexa Rank, with more than twice the audience and more backlinks. But has less of a bounce rate and a twice higher avg. visit duration, which suggests that although they have a smaller audience, their readers interact with the content better and longer.”

In other words, may not attract the highest readership, but the increased time readers spend on the site is indicative of quality long form content. Other sites may be good for grazing, but for deep analysis, has got it locked down. That’s the long and short of the BTC Peers report. Naturally there are a few caveats to consider.

Independent Report Declares the Top Crypto News Site

‘Quality, In-Depth Reporting’

The thorough analysis of 145 crypto news sites was commissioned with a particular audience in mind. Specifically, it was published for the benefit of “Marketers and PR managers, in order to assess the quality of resources to get better results,” as well as “Journalists, editors, and owners of content platforms looking for quality news, and to evaluate competitors and investors and traders, to assess the quality of information sources to make better decisions.”

Of these groups, marketers in particular are seeking reliable data with which to plan media campaigns. The ability to compare key metrics, such as bounce rate and Alexa ranking, across all leading crypto publications, is extremely valuable. This data enables advertisers to optimize their campaigns and to submit press releases to sites that can deliver a return on investment. Low bounce rate – i.e. the amount of time a reader will spend on a page before clicking the back button – is one of the leading determinants of quality.

Independent Report Declares the Top Crypto News Site
Top 10 crypto news sites according to BTC Peers

Commenting on the report, Editor-in-Chief Nanok Bie said: ”I’m grateful for this recognition, particularly the fact that BTC Peers looked closely at metrics like bounce rate and time on page, to find which site readers engage with the most. The high numbers awarded to are due to our consistent high quality, relevant and in-depth reporting.”

He added: “If you’re only going to read one news source to keep up with crypto, it should be, as we deliver balanced, well-researched and neutral news that covers everything bitcoiners need to know about the industry.”

The BTC Peers report is sure to spark debate about how media quality is measured and which benchmarks matter the most. At, we’re grateful to all our readers for their time spent reading and passionate debates in the comments section, which have helped make this site what it is – namely, the best crypto news website of 2019.

What are your thoughts on the findings of the BTC Peers report? Let us know in the comments section below.

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